Santa Marie(Poetic Prose: Circa 2009)

A body so lovely, but it was more than her curves. Her face was captivating, hushing my sweet words. More than her beautiful skin and perfect smile, it was her eyes. Eyes that shined like stars in a night sky, bringing a sole adjective to mind.

The first time we spoke, I didn’t know how to approach her. I was nervous and the words just slipped my mind. Every line I had learned burned at the tip of my tongue, only to become ashes because of my attraction. Then came something peculiar. Even though I approached her, she spoke first. My bravado returned with her playful word.


A smile and a reply. I had to let her know who I was. Not just the man, I even told her the myth. It wasn’t my birthday, but she felt like a gift. We didn’t do it on the first date, we waited a bit…

But when we finally expressed ourselves physically? It went down really crazy like we were trying to have a baby. All night, we performed, she was my Leading Lady. I touched Heaven, making love to an Angel. Every possible angle…So good, I almost swore to God.

I had one hell of a swagger, but she humbled me. She wore out the King, she clearly won first round. She became The Queen…She was wearing the crown. More than I expected, the best even. Not just the sex, she’s the best. No wonder she was someone I could never forget.

Just the sound of her name makes me think of when we met. Of when I thought she was an Angel because she showed me Heaven in bed.

“What,” I Replied that very first time.

“I’m Santa Maria…Kidding. Just Marie. But I Might Call You Daddy If You’re Nasty.”

I couldn’t stop laughing. I knew then she was the type of woman most men prayed for.



Redefine Classic

It Was A Midsummer Night
She Was Looking Like A Dream
Shakespeare Couldn’t Illustrate
A More Beautiful Scene

Underneath Her Windowsill
I Showed Her What It Means
Not To Just Be Loved By A Man
But To Be Treated Like A Queen



Jaded By A Kiss
From Her Lips
Covered In MAC Lipstick
As Her French Manicured Tips
Slipped Beneath The Surface
Of My Shirt In Search
Of A Beating Heart

But I Was Jaded By Her Kiss
Those Lips Had Found Other Men
And Had Claimed Their Souls
For Her Sole Purpose Was To
Reach Her Goals By Any Means

Once Upon A Time
She Treated A Man Like King
Helped Him Achieve His Dreams
But When He Got The Crown
He Found A New Queen
I Suppose She Figured We Were All The Same…

I Couldn’t Hate Her For Playing The Game
I Could Only Appreciate The Way
She Worked Those Jaded Lips
And Manicured Tips…
Trying To Get Rich
Not Knowing
I Didn’t Have 50 Cent



It was one of those summer downpours where the night sky had been clear moments before. I had barely made it to my car before the storm started. I had been previously occupied in the shopping aisles of the supermarket. Well, predominately the frozen food section.

I was a terrible cook but an expert with a microwave. I missed being taken care of by my parents in their house. Too much pampering probably, but I missed home cooked meals. Independence had its perks, but I should have learned how to cook for myself.

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to buy more pepperoni hot pockets or not. The great debate took me away from my surroundings as my appetite became a priority. By the time she came around the corner, it was too late.


She crashed and fell, cellphone flying into the air. I made a valiant attempt, dropping the hot pockets on the floor, which provided a nice cushion for the phone that slide through my hands. Coordination wasn’t really my thing either.

“I’m sorry,” I said, extending my hand to grab her phone and help her off the floor.

She took the phone and continued doing whatever she had been doing before standing up, to the point in which my hand had been extended for an elongated period of time. Awkward, but not as much as her standing up and brushing herself off like I hadn’t been standing there to help her.

Those moments allowed me to glance at my awkward encounter. Dressed in black leggings and a white tank top, the brown skin of her arms was covered in ink I was attracted to, but couldn’t really distinguish. Long, black hair was pulled back away from her face in a straight ponytail. Cute features, a few piercings…She looked like she worked in a tattoo parlor.

“I’m sorry,” she muttered before speeding off down the aisle.

My assumption of her occupation changed as I watched her walk away…

With how she was shaped, she appeared to be more like a video vixen or a stripper. She probably sped away because I was dressed like a square. I had just gotten out of work where I played my part in Corporate Americas sandbox. Running around for a boss who has a boss who’s boss owns the restaurant where “work” meetings take place. Where they eat, no one pays, as I slave over legal documents for 10-12 hours a day as an aide in our midtown office. Their midtown office, I should say.

Either way, I’m sure my gray slacks and lavender sweater didn’t scream appealing, not to a girl like that. And I wasn’t mad. I knew my lane and didn’t try to curve my way from the truth. She was out of my league and I didn’t plan on playing myself…

To Be Continued…

-R. Solo


Ever Aware Of Your Presence
Even When I’m Away
You Stay Closer To Me
Than Any Who See My Face
For You Live In My Heart
And I Am Not Alive
Unless In Your Arms
I Simply Exist And Interact
Secretly Wishing I Was Back
With Your Presence
The Essence Of My Energy
So Heavenly
I’ll Go Through Hell For You



The Love In My Soul
Is Stronger Than Your Evil
Evolved From Adam
King Cain With An Abel Compassion
Humbled Solomon Who Knows Smarter Men Exist
With A Thirst For Knowledge
That Can Never Be Quenched

Heart Wrenching
Faith Tested
Will I Stay On My Job?
My God
I’ll Go Hard
For Your Will
Until The Day You Call


Coldblooded the Warmhearted

Heart On My Sleeve
Gun In My Hand
They Can’t Understand
How I Stand
It’s Just Different
Peep My Stance

I Don’t Want To
Kill A Man
But I Would
Kill A Man
Who Threatens
My Family

I Don’t Want To
But I Would
Shoot The Hands
If I’m disrespected
As a Man

What I Don’t understand Is
Why Can’t I Show Love?
Why I Gotta Be A Thug?
Why I Gotta Wear Jordan’s
And Call Queens bitches?

Why do I Carry A Gun?
Someone May Run
Up On Me
Proclaiming Im Soft
For Showing Love?

You Got Me Fucked Up
My Kindness Is Not A Weakness
I taught My Kindness How To Kill.
How’s that for “Real” Nigga?


Hopeless Romantic

Love’s a Trip
The Fall Hurts
But Once Upon A Time
Isn’t It Supposed To Be Worth It?
Have We Become Hopeless?

So Focused On The Pain
Good Days Seem Gray
We Want To Be Happy
But That?
We Never Stay.

We still say,
“I Love You.”
The Meaning Has Decayed
Have We Lost Faith?
Is Romance Just A Fantasy?

Happily Ever After
Wasn’t Followed By
Tragic Chapters
Of Being Taken Advantage Of
Where is the Love?

Forever Found in the Strangest Places
You Just Need Belief
And When Love Is Hard to See?
Become The Love Others Need
You’ll Be Surprised How Fulfilling It Feels.


Timeout(Let Me Pose a Question)

Sometimes, women settle for second string dudes but have first class attitudes. Allow me to adjust your altitude since some of you seem clueless as to what you’re doing. The “men” saying the most are usually doing the least. They are trying to convince themselves of their wealth when in fact? They are nothing more than a shell, trying to be filled with material things, without the slightest notion as to where wealth begins. Yes, I consider myself a King. The riches I have? They come from Within.

So Queen, isn’t ya love worth more than the money he can spend?